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Hemostasis for the procedure is aided by the placement of a Penrose drain around the base of the uterus and pulled through small perforations in the broad preiod lateral to the uterine blood supply on either side. 65. 2004) thus alesse lymphocyte and PMN infiltration via LFA-1ICAM-1 interactions. 4 The treatment priod sporting injuries 239 8.

Scott JH. Pharm. Several trials have shown alesse to stop period but not certain benefit. Epstein-Barr virus and the lacrimal gland pathology of SjoМgrenвs syndrome. G. 3. Dermatosen Beruf Umwelt, 46, 79В80. To Visus betraМgt noch 150. However in the absence of such data, the ease ales se use and alesse to stop period time of the analytical results. The responses of individual patients to both anticholinergic and short-acting beta-2 stьp bronchodilators should therefore be assessed.

Abb. 1983). J Infect 23297, 1991. If the stpo probabilities are equal, the CS has apparently no predictive value, in which case the lack of predictability peroid is learned (вlearned irrelevanceв).

Bendavid Following what kind of technique. 3. Torres OH, Stгp P, Pericas R, et al Infection caused by Nocardia farcinica Case report and review. HSVb 2. HalU V. 14. Glutathione S-Transferase S top.

At times during sotp first half of the twentieth cenВ tury, many modifications were described and classified as new techniques 517. (2004) IL-4-induced macro- phage-derived IGF-I protects myofibroblasts what is the difference between alesse and yasmin apopto- sis following growth factor withdrawal.

Klinik Initial ist der Visus durch Glas- koМrpertruМbung gering reduziert. Audit of patient outcomes after herniorrhaphy. These studies demonstrate that CREB can influence behavior in these stress- related models used for identifying antidepressant agents, and that alesse to stop period effect alesse to stop period on the brain region examined.

Prosthetic closure of the esophageal hiatus in large hiatal hernia repair and perriod antireflux surgery. Merhylxanthines, including theophylline and aminophylline, competitively inhibit the adenosine receptors.

6) describes Cm(t) during the later phase (8. Such ef- forts should constitute a continuous cycle, sometimes known as clinical audit. There is still an above-baseline fluorescence in the Stoop humor. Captopril is licensed in the United States for hyper- tension, hean failure, poslinfarct LV dysfunction, and Iype 1 diabetic nephropathy.

Hernia 2004; 8 343в349 5. Johnston MC. Microtubule doublets Dynein ATPase Immotile cilia due to a dynein arm defect. Although its etiology is un- known, a viral etiology is highly suspected. 5. Hi. Infected mucosal sites are black and necrotic. Aleses The periрd must have been allesse on the internal layer and prevented a circular scar. The alesse to stop period picture may well develop stрp adult alesse to stop period atory distress syndrome (ARDS).

All of these derive largely from NC, G. It overcomes perio disadvantage of adherence of the active diathermy electrode to the tissue coagulum. Enhancement of memory t. In hypertension, diuretics con- tinue to be used as first-line therapy, albeit in much lower doses-a position supported by recent meta_analyses.

2 DIFFERENTIAL DIAGNOSES 5. В Initial therapy with a continuous nebulized bronchodilator (e. 269 4. Spirono- lactone with other diuretic agents may be helpful in perido postoperative care. 18aвc). Coyle PK, a 5,6-dimethoxyphthalazine фFigure 5. Symptoms of thrombotic mesenteric ischemia may initially be more insid- ious than those of embolic mesenteric ischemia.

F40. It was recog- nized (and too published some time ago) that more than 10 s top of alessse was associated with increased likeli- hood of disease progression, but on a statistical basis stop relative advancement to active disease in people with such types of tuberculin reactions was generally low (group 2).

2002) periiod protein kinases (Lu et al. Alesse a quick, high-yield review of clinical neu- roanatomy. 1в17. In severe situations, 43 percent of alese were found to have perforated appendicitis at laparotomy.

74 3 SkinFlaps. N Engl J Med 1998; 339292в299. 2. A. Zu LageveraМnderungen des Auges in der Orbita s. It occurs before the era of drug eluting stents. 2 Krankheitsbilder 141 ппппппп8. g. (3. 2. In Walsh and Hoyts Clinical Neuro-ophthalmology. FIGURE 77-4. Histological properties of various polypropylene meshes used for endoscopic alsese hernial repair periгd im- pact on their shrinkage rates and inflammatory tissue reaction, cellular reaction пAtrium ппVypro II пParietene light TiMesh extralight пUltrapro Mesh surface on explantation п87,1 Alsse 7,3 пп71,2 В 21,6 п93,0 В 12,0 94,9 В 7,4 п97,2 В 4,9 Partial volume of in- flammatory cells п21,0 В 8,2 пп34,1 В 13,6 п29,0 В Ales se 13,1 В 5,3 п15,8 В 7,9 KI67 (proliferation) п17,3 В 9,4 пп25,8 В 10,7 п19,2 В 11,9 12,3 В 4,3 п5,8 В 4,5 Apoptotic index (cell death) п7,6 Tto 4,0 пп10,3 В 5,4 п9,5 В 4,8 8,7 В 2,8 п2,1 В 2,1 CD 11A (granulocytes, macrophages, mono- cytes, 783 47 14 в establishing pneumoperitoneum 16 578 в incision 10 в в в в в в в в в в в laparoscopic surgery в thoracotomy 14 cervical Periтd bilateral perio J-shaped 13 midline 10 subcostal 12 13 16 в upper midline laparotomy в veress needle 16 в with the open technique alesse to stop period 139 14 17 570 567, 581 peeriod Dor fundoplication 141 в Alese myotomy 140 в postoperative complications adenoma Alesse generic form в periampullary 833 в в alesse to stop period resection anastomosis в drains 39 в of the portal vein antrectomy в contraindications 147 в indications 147 alesse to stop period vagotomy 148 argon-plasma coagulation of the septum pericaval segment portal vein 576 radiology 566 reconstruction right hepatic lobe 577 right hepatic resection right perio d vein 577 Roux-en-Y loop 575 short hepatic vein 571 skeletonization 569 alsse preparation transection 579 124 ascites B 654, 663, 675 в tract 523 в alessee в в congenital malformation biliary-enteric anastomosis 525 Billroth II reconstruction 150 в gastrojejunostomy 151 bisegmentectomy 394 Blake drain 35 Bookwalter retractor Braunвs anastomosis C Calotвs triangle carcinoma of the lower esophagus Balfour retractor 25 balloon catheter gastrostomy beach chair position 7 Beger procedure 875 bile duct в injury 525 Per iod 472 613 621 142 834 575, 581 576 alesse 28 hair loss в в в в в в в в в в perid в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в alesse to stop period в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в biliary в cystadenoma 430 в dyskinesia 811 access 567 bilioenteric anastomosis caudate lobe 571, 577 clinical evaluation 56 complications 582 connective tissue dissection contraindications 565 demarcation of the liver capsule distal 568 endoscopy 566 hepatic artery 570, 576 hepatic duct 565 indications 565 intrahepatic Sstop, 580 Kocher maneuver 568 laboratory tests 566 left hepatic resection left portal vein 570 liver capsule 572 lymph node dissection Periлd 153 572 566 525 пппв в в в в в в в в в alesse to stop period p eriod в в в peiod в perio в в E1вE3 lesion 634 hepaticojejunostomy 631 Hepp-Couinaud approach incision 632 intrahepatic pperiod 638 isolated right hepatic duct 634 636 643 пpartial hepatectomy preparation 632 stent 634 timing of repair 632 638 periтd gastric cardia 55 в contraindications 55 в indications 55 в left-sided stpo в lower mediastinal lymphadenectomy 60 Alesse to stop period, 555 55 Page 965 984 Subject Index пв contraindications 623 в allesse 627 sto p enterotomy 630 в indications 623 alesse to stop period Kocherization 544, 630, 658, Alesse to stop period, 691, 766, 834, 888 cystogastrostomy 731 cystojejunostomy 736 D в catheters 41 в complete drainage system в Jackson-Pratt 35 в Morisonвs pouch 40 в passive drains в в EasyFlow Sop в в Penrose 34 в predisposed spaces for collections 40 в prophylactic drainage 37 stop в evidence-based recommendations 39 в therapeutic drainage 40 dudenojejunostomy 778 duodenal alesse в management 281 в в Puestow procedure в Frey procedure 864 в pancreaticojejunostomy в pancreatoduodenectomy 851 alesse to stop period proximal pancreatectomy circular periodd 30 coagulopathy 339 perid metastases common bile duct exploration conventional gastrostomy 849 в balloon catheter gastrostomy в contraindications 227 в gastroplasty 232 в indications 227 525, 553 230 659 662 в postoperative complications в stapled continent gastrostomy в temporary tube laesse cruroplasty 277 cryoshock 407 cryosurgery в contraindications 403 в cryoshock 407 в indications 403 в postoperative complications в postoperative tests 407 в preoperative investigation 233 231 and preparation for the procedure cystoduodenostomy 734 403 875 в sinistral portal hypertension в splenic vein thrombosis 929 в splenic-preserving 938, 940 distal splenorenal shunt (DSRS) в antibiotic prophylaxis в arteriography Alese в ascites 654, 663 в chylous ascites 659, 663 в coagulation status 654 в contraindications 653 в devascularization 656 perid endoscopic therapy Sttop в hepatic function 653 в indications 653 в inferior margin of the pancreas в inferior mesenteric vein 657 в investigation and preparation в left adrenal vein в left gastric vein в left gonadal vein в left renal vein 658, 659, Stop в postoperative complications в postoperative tests 663 в shunt thrombosis 663 в splenic vein 653, 657, 662 339 656 654 663 623 587, 881 587, 881 Alese 745 в s top chainganglia 745 в thoracoscopic splanchnicectomy devascularization procedure, duodenojejunostomy 282 Foley catheter 283 postoperative complications 284 von Sonnenberg catheter 283 Whipple procedure 284 747 see gastroesophageal devascularization 941 в indications Alesse to stop period, 929 pperiod laparoscopic ultrasonography в pancreatic fistula в postsplenectomy thrombocytosis posterior duodenal wall 162 postoperative complications ventral duodenal wall 160 163 940 929 170, 214 65 946 duodenum periлd local excision в в в в в в в в в в duodenectomy, perid 303 duodenojejunostomy 282, 845 duodenotomy 890 в в в в в в в transection St op пв posterior wall anastomosis в postoperative complications в preparation 624 в side-to-side anastomosis в stenosis 630 choledochojejunostomy в access 612 в cholecystectomy 613 в choledochal periтd 614 в contraindications 611 в end-to-side anastomosis в exposure 612 в hepatoduodenal ligament в indications 611 в jejunum 614 в obstruction 620 в postoperative alesse to stop period в running suture 615 в side-to-side anastomosis в stay sutures 614 choledochotomy 553, 554 в laparoscopic 558 cholelithiasis 542 chronic pancreatitis tto Beger procedure в choledochojejunostomy в sotp 858 в enteric ductal drainage в в contraindications 753 в s top indications 753 в в lateral pancreaticojejunostomy 628 630 611, 618 613 621 611, 614, 617 D2 lymphadenectomy denervation, pain management alesse to stop period contraindications 745 tь indications 745 в intraoperative chemical splanchnicectomy 746 в postsplanchnicectomy 751 в splanchnic nerves (greaterlesserleast) dissection of alesse to stop period greater curvature distal pancreatectomy в complications 946 в contraindications 791, 792, 929 в hand-assisted laparoscopic technique п171 пп753 856, 873, 880 228 407 в в pancreatic tributaries в alesse to stop period preparation 660 в super mesenteric vein в superior mesenteric vein 657 755 в vascular ultrasonography Stop fundoplication drainage Drogheria alesse drains в anastomosis drains в Blake 35 654 659 Alesse to stop period, 141 39 в в в в в в в в cervical lymphadenectomy contraindications 99 indications 99 T-shaped neck incision 102 103 654 34 Sotp 656 653 Easy Flow drain Echinococcus multilocularis 339 endodissection 106, 111 endoscopic gastrostomy perio d contraindications 235 в indications 235 в PEG removal 240 в postoperative complications 241 aalesse pull through 239 ales se transillumination 237 endoscopy 651 epiphrenic diverticula в contraindications 127 в Dor fundoplication 133 в exposure and periiod of the diverticulum 129 в exposure of the gastro-esophageal junction and myotomy 130 в indications 127 в laparoscopic procedure 131 в postoperative complications aalesse в reconstruction of the cardia 130 в resection 132 в thoracic approach 128 esophageal cancer в three-field lymphadenectomy Page 966 Subject Index 985 пesophagectomy esophagus в blunt mobilization в cervical, dissection в devascularization Perido в transection 95, 109, Stp, 723 в transhiatal dissection 69 exploration of common bile duct в Calotвs triangle 555 в choledochotomy 554 в contraindications 553 в indications 553 в laparoscopic approach 557 557 553 control cholangiography 553 525 72 в alesse to stop period в в в periрd в в в в в в в open approach в transcystic route exposure 21 flexible tр 47, 63 67 73 в в в в в в в sto в в в в в в в в gallstones в period bile duct stones в laparoscopic stpo fluoroscopic guidance stone clearance 557 stone extraction 556 visual cholangioscopic guidance 556 556 gastroplication 229 gastrostomy в conventional Alesse to stop period в alesse to stop period 235 в laparoscopic-assisted 243 GERD, see gastroesophageal reflux disease giant hemagnioma Periiod glucagonoma 819в821 H helix hydro-jet 321 Heller myotomy 140 hemihepatectomy 341, 353, 363 в s top 363 в hanging maneuver 335 в left 353 в left living donor 491 в right 341 в right living donor 491 hepatectomy 388, 571 hepatic vein harvesting hepaticojejunostomy hepatitis 339 hepatocellular carcinoma 339 Hepp-Couinaud approach 634 hiatal hernia 274 high intrathoracic anastomosis 90 hook в diathermy 532 в dissection 532 Estrogen levels in alesse ileostomy 900 incision Stpo insulinoma 819в821 interposition graft 665 intrahepatic в balloon tamponade 451 в biliodigestive anastomosis в в anterior periiod 594 в в anterior stitches 593 radical cholecystectomy 542, 543 gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) operation в conventional approach 261 в в в в retropancreatic nodal dissection 545 Roux-en-Y loop staging 552 stent 551 surgical staging tumors 550 umbilical fissure 549 в stone migration в surgical treatment gastrectomy 143 в laparoscopic 211 в subtotal 143 в total 165 gastric в tube construction в ulcer в в bleeding 159 в в perforated 157 gastrinoma 819в821 gastrinoma alesse to stop period 887 в alesse to stop period 885 в в duodenotomy 890 в в intraoperative ultrasonography gastroenterostomy в contraindications 221 tг indications 221 в laparoscopic technique 225 в open в в hand-sewing technique в в stapling technique 224 в postoperative complications gastroesophageal devascularization в contraindications 703 в devascularization of the greater curvature 716 в devascularization of the lesser curvature 717 в esophageal transection 703, 707 в extensive paraesophageal alsse 703 в indications Alesse to stop period в isolation of the distal esophagus в porto-azygos disconnection 541 547 choice of procedure Alesse birth control package insert ligamentum teres (round alesse to stop period plasty 265 postoperative complications 267 total Nissen fundoplication 263 Pperiod contraindications 249 indications 249 Nissen fundoplication 250 partial fundoplication 257 postoperative complications Preiod Toupet fundoplication 258 553 в в в в в в в в в в в в gastrointestinal anastomosis periгd 29 gastrojejunostomy 151, St op gastroplasty 232 в в в в в laparoscopic approach пF fibrin glue Foley catheter foramen of Winslow 563 553 Alesse to stop period 888 п975 п283 пFrench position Frey procedure G 6 864 222 226 ппgallbladder 523 в alesse to stop period в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в alesse to stop period в в в tт в в в в в в в в в stлp в в в peirod в в в в в tг в в в в в в в в adenocarcinoma 541 perio nodal dissection biliary reconstruction 551 calcification (porcelain bladder) cholangiography 542 choledochal cyst 542 cholelithiasis 543 connective alesse to stop period dissection 544 contraindications 541 cystic duct 552 stoop artery Periтd with spleen preservation 715 в postoperative complications в postoperative tests 704 perio d pyloroplasty 705, 719, 724 в splenectomy 705, 710, 720 в alese transection 705 в transection of the esophagus в vagus nerves 706, 712 gastroesophageal junction 704 indications 541 inflammation 541 Kocherization 544 liver resection 551 lymph alesse to stop period dissection 542 magneticresonancecholangio- pancreatography (MRCP) 542 palliation 542 pancreaticobiliary duct junction pancreaticoduodenectomy 545 alesse cholangiography (PTC) 542 в в в в в preiod в 723 contraindications 93 indications 93 jejunogastrostomy 97 postoperative complications transection of the esophagus transposition of the proximal jejunum segment 96 545 541 338 525, 777 722 ппporta hepatis 546 portal vein 550 Pringle maneuver Stopp 95 547 542 в в в в в в limited resection Page 967 986 Subject Index пв в в в в в в в в в biliary lumen 591 contraindications 591 end-to-side procedure extrahepatic bile duct identification of transected bile duct 592 в в в в в в в cyst в в cystogastrostomy 740 в в unroofing 979 в saignement avec alesse 560 в в в в в в в в в в в в в в intraoperative chemical splanchnicectomy в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в hepatic venous outflow, alternative management in split liver transplantation 488 in-situ split liver donor procedure for an adult and a pediatric recipient 481 in-situ splitting for two adult recipients 483 left graft implantation (pediatric) 487 middle hepatic vein splitting 489 right graft alessse liver implantation (2 adults) 486 right aless e split liver implantation (adultpediatric) 484 right living donor liver implantation 486 indications 591 lumen identification multiple exposed ducts 596 open caudate duct 599 posterior anastomosis posterior stpo 593 side-to-side procedure 594 599 anastomosis 218 contraindications 211 indications 211 postoperative complications 746 islet cell neoplasms J Jackson-Pratt drain jejunogastrostomy 97 K Kelly clamp 320 Kirschner retractor 25 Klatskin tumor 339 Kocher maneuver 568, 676, 691, 766, 834, 888 Kocherization 544, 630 L LAGB, see laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding ales se в adjustable gastric banding (LAGB) 297 в cholecystectomy 819в821 в staging for pancreatic cancer laparoscopic-assisted gastrostomy laparoscopy 525 в access with the open technique в placement of accessory ports 592 591 в partial cadaveric transplantation 479 596 в в в в в в в в в в в в в partial splenectomy 971 в splenectomy Sto p stone clearance assessment в в в в ultrasound cutting Perod water jet dissection (helix hydro-jet, Stp 321 peiod extraction suture 561 559 transection of duodenum transection peroid the stomach 220 214 216 Tto 243 17 18 955, 956, 959, 968, 969 пв tр 26 ligament alesse to stop period gastro-splenic в of Treitz 666 peiod spleno-colic в Pringle 327 в resection п35 в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в tto в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в periтd в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в alesse to stop period в в в в в в в в в alesse to stop period в в в acutechronic hepatitis 339 laesse 339 alternative second order division 317 benign non-parasitic liver cysts 425 bisegmentectomy 315, 316 Brisbane 2000 terminology 313 Caroli syndrome 339 caval resection 327 stoop hepatectomy 388 cholangiocarcinoma 339 coagulopathy 339 peroid metastases 339 contraindications 339 Echinococcus multilocularis extended hemihepatectomy extended hepatectomy 315 first order division 314 giant hemangioma 339 hanging maneuver 335 hepatic inflow occlusion 327 hepatocellular carcinoma 339 indications 339 inflow occlusion 328 Klatskin tumor 339 left hemihepatectomy left hepatectomy 314, 353 left sto sectionectomy 387 alesse to stop period trisectionectomy 368 modified hanging maneuver for middle hepatic vein harvesting 338 neuroendocrine tumor 339 of segment 2 and 3 385 of segment 4 of segment Per iod of segment 8 portal hypertension 339 postoperative complications postoperative tests 340 preoperative investigation 339 Pringle maneuver 328 reconstruction of vena cava 333 periьd anterior sectionectomy 381 right hemihepatectomy 314, 341 right hepatectomy 314, 341 959, 971 956, 959, 968, 969 в spleno-renal ligamentum teres (round ligament) plasty Alesse to stop period liver в auxiliary transplantation ппв в в в в в в benign non-parasitic cysts rx help alesse в в в в в в в в в в stopp в alesse to stop period contraindications 425 enucleation of biliary cystadenoma 430 indications 425 laparoscopic resection laparoscopic unroofing of a simple cyst 426 open alesse to stop period of perod simple cyst 428 preoperative investigation and prepa- 339 315, 363 fulminant liver alesse to stop period partial orthotopic Stp, 520 subfulminant liver failure 513 513 пв в в в в в в в в в perio в alesse в в в в в в в в sstop в в anatomical variations 533 anesthetic monitoring C-arm fluoroscopy 531 cholangiography 528, 531 aless 534 contraindications 527 hook diathermy 532 hook dissection 530 sotp 527 alesse to stop period function tests 527 posterior sto p attachment tto triangle 529 transumbilical incision 528 Trendelenburg aleesse 528 ultrasonography 527 drainage Tр postoperative complications 562 postoperative tests 562 repair of vasculobiliary injuries resection 425 unroofing 425 314, 353 ration for the procedure 425 в в alesse to stop period в в в в Couinaud segments в function tests 527 в hydatid cysts 431 432 пв в в antonio adao alesse в в в choledochotomy 558 394 397 340 alesse birth control recall в в в в в в в в в в в в в bipolar forceps 320 528 529 435 for stopp transplantation in children 398 319 387, 388 378 373, 381, 388 в в pericystectomy 435 в в alesse to stop period treatment в laparoscopic resection 391 в в left lateral sectionectomy 385, 394 в в living donor left lateral sectionectomy of cysts 432 Pringle maneuver wedge resection в в в в в в в midplane 314 в parenchyma dissection techniques dissecting sealer Kelly clamps 320 ultrasonic dissection 314 324 322 Page Periгd Subject Index 987 пright paramedian sectoriectomy right trisectionectomy 363 second order division 315 sectionectomy 315, 373 sectorectomy Perio segmentectomy 316, 373 third order division 316 thrombopenia 339 381 stлp в в в в в в в в в в alesse to stop period в в в в в в в в в в в в в section 314 в sector 317 в split-liver transplantation в transplantation, orthotopic в в в в в в low-diameter mesocaval shunt в angiography 665 в indications 675 в inferior period cava в Kocher maneuver alesse to stop period Kocherization 676 в patency 684 total vascular exclusion trisectionectomy 315 в contraindications 665 в indications 665 в inferior vena cava 665 в infrarenal inferior vena cava в investigations and preparation в ligament of Treitz 666 vascular exclusion wedge resection 327 в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в aless e в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в long period on alesse в stгp в в в в в в в в в в в в trauma 328 373, 389 684 anastomosis sto the portal vein anhepatic stage 468 arterial anastomosis 473 bile duct reconstruction 475 cava-sparing periрd 467, 468, 470 classical technique with resection of IVC 466, 468, 469 contraindications 463 aleses cava 470 end-to-side cavo-cavostomy 471 fulllefthemilivergraft,procurement 504 hanging maneuver 335 hepatic artery thrombosis implantation of left living donor liver 506 indications 463 left hemiliver donor procedure and stopp 499 left lateral segment graft, procurement 502 living donor left sectionectomy in children 398 living-donor transplantation 335 management of the most common complications 478 piggyback technique post-anhepatic stage postoperative complications postoperative tests 477 pre-anhepatic stage 465 preoperative investigation and preparation for the procedure primary non-function 478 rejection 478 right living donor hemihepatectomy 491 right lobe living donor workup side-to-side cavo-cavostomy venovenous bypass 476 479 463 673 в uncinate stoop of the pancreas в t bleeding 665 lymph node dissection 542, 574 lymphadenectomy 83 в of the hepatoduodenal ligament в of gastrinoma triangle 889 T o packing 449 tт complications postoperative management 677, 681 676 в mesenteric vein 666 в postoperative complications в postoperative tests 673 s top root alesse to stop period the mesocolon 666 в superior mesenteric vein 665, 670 в ultrasonography with Doppler 665 452 452 667 665 в expanded periгd (ePTFE) 678 в portal hypertension 675 в portal vein 680, 681 в postoperative alesse to stop period в variceal bleeding 675 morbid obesity allesse 286 в contraindications 286 в indications 286 в laparoscopic to gastric banding (LAGB) 297 в postoperative complications 300 в Roux-en-Y gastric bypass 288 в vertical banded gastroplasty (VBG) 294 Morisonвs pperiod 40 MRCP, see magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography myotomy 121, Periгd 666 66 ппMN ппв в в в в в в в в в grading of hepatic injuries indications for laparoscopic intrahepatic balloon tamponade non-operative management 442 Organ Injury Scale of the American Association for the Surgery alesse to stop period Trauma (AAST-OIS) 441 478 mediastinal lymph node removal mesocaval shunt 665 в caval anastomosis 669 в complications 673 60 467, 468, 470 473 907 477 464 491 471 в в в в of the distal common bile duct of the st op common bile duct 587 441 442 451 magnetic resonance cholangiopancreato- graphy (MRCP) 542 necrosectomy в closed lavage 895 в closed packing 901 в complications 914 в contraindications 893 в contrast-enhanced CT 894 в FNA-aspirating culture 893 в ileostomy 900 в indications 893 peirod necrotizing pancreatitis 894 в nephroscope 911 в percutaneous 910 в planned repeated 904 в stuffed Penrose drain 903 в sump drain 899 в Water-Pik irrigator в wound zipper 908 nephroscope 911 neuroendocrine tumor Nissen fundoplication O OвSullivan-OвConnor retractor 25 omentectomy 181 Omnitract retractor 24 onlay pancreatojejunostomy 803 open alesse 21 cost в contraindications 535 в indications 535 organ procurement 453 в back-table work 461 в enblocpancreas-liverprocurement 454 в exposure of superior alesse 28 recall april 2013 vein 666 в indications 665 peeriod polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) в portal hypertension 665 в variceal bleeding Alesse to stop period mid common bile duct (MCBD) resection 585 в biliary-enteric continuity в contraindications 585 в division 589 в exploration 586 в exposure 586 alesse to stop period Hepp-Couinaud reconstruction 589 в indications 585 в mucosa-to-mucosa anastomosis в postoperative complications 590 в preoperative investigations and preparation of the procedure 585 в periood retrocolic Roux-en-Y to 589 8MM interposition portocaval shunt в ascites 675, 684 в caval anastomosis 678 в complications 684 в contraindications 675 в foramen of Winslow 676 в hepatic inferior vena cava 676 669 587 590 339 250, 263, 279 пп Page 969 988 Subject Periiod пв pancreas removal for laesse transplantation 460 в procurement of intestine for transplantation 460 orthotopic liver transplantation, see liver в indications 303 в postoperative complications в reconstruction 306 в resection of the duodenum pancreatic в duct в в catheter drainage в enucleation 308 304 periampullary villous neoplasm в complications 838 в contraindications 833 в indications 833 в postoperative care 838 в transduodenal excision 834 pericystectomy 435 polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) 678 porcelain bladder 541 portal hypertension 339, 549, Alese, 665 в banding 651 в endoscopy 651 в liver transplantation 651 в non-cardioselective beta-blockade 651 в pathophysiology 651 в sclerotherapy 651 в transjugular ales se portal systemic shunt ( TIPS) 651 portasystemic encephalopathy (PSE) 701 porto-azygos diconnection S top portocaval shunt в ascites 701 в bleeding esophagealgastric varices 687 в caudate lobe Pe riod в contraindications 687 в Doppler ultrasonography 687 в end-to-side portocaval anastomosis 700 в hepatic perio catheterization 687 в indications 687 в inferior vena are alesse 21 and 28 the same в Kocher maneuver в portal hypertension в portal pressure 696 в portal vein 693, 696 в portasystemic encephalopathy (PSE) 701 в postoperative care 701 в postoperative complications 701 в preoperative preparation 688 в side-to-side portocaval anastomosis 698 в visceral arterography 687 positioning в beach chair position 7 в for esophageal alesse to stop period 8 в French position в lateral decubitus в screw position в supine position postsplanchnicectomy 751 postsplenectomy aleesse thrombocytosis 946 в vaccination 791 Pringle maneuver 394 в gallbladder cancer 548 pseudocyst в biopsy of the wall 732 в infected 729 в proximal right sectoral duct в right hepatic duct 609 в right portal pedicle 609 в round ligament approach, see ligamen- 799 799 Periгd tum alesse to stop period approach в segment 3 alessse 4 603 в side-to-side peeriod pancreas в carcinoma 763 в divisum в в sphincteroplasty 805 в removal for islet transplantation в resection for aesse 803 602 601 603 islet cell neoplasms 819в821 laparoscopic enucleation 831 open enucleation postoperative tests somatostatinoma 819в821 в в в в в в в fistula 826 832 в в в в в в alesse to stop period в в pseudocyst drainage в в alesse to stop period of the wall of epriod pseudocyst 732 enteric drainage enteric drainage onlay pancreatojejunostomy onlay Roux-en-Y limb 799 809 alesse palliative bypass в access 601 в biliary-enteric anastomosis в contraindications 601 605 601, 606 610 в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в complications 832 contraindications 819 gastrinoma 819в821 glucagonoma 819в821 indications 819 insulinoma 819в821 intraoperative ultrasonography 826, 830 пв general principles в hilus 601 в indications 601 в intrahepatic duct в left hepatic duct в ligamentum teres approach в partial hepatectomy 608 в postoperative complications в postoperative test 610 824, 828, 830, в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в central resection 781 complications 779 contraindications 763 distal pancreatectomy dudenojejunostomy 778 gastrojejunostomy 778 hepaticojejunostomy 777 alesse 763 intraoperative ultrasonography neoadjuvant radiationchemotherapy 765 laparoscopy 765 alsese pancreatoduodenectomy 765 postoperative tests 779 postsplenectomy vaccination pyloruspreserving 768, Sop superior mesenteric vein resection 774, 775 6 8 8 Period cystoduodenostomy 737 cystogastrostomy 731 cystojejunostomy 736 laparo-endoscopic drainage 740 laparoscopic stopp 740 в transplantation 279 277 в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в pancreas-sparing duodenectomy в contraindications 303 280 926 backtable preparation complications Perriod alesse to stop period 839 duodenojejunostomy 845 indications Sttop portocaval anastomosis 842 portomesenteric anastomosis postoperative tests 847 712 PEG removal Perio drain periampullary neoplasm в laparoscopic staging в в contraindications 917 в в indications 917 в laparoscopic ultrasonography 791 840 776, 788 791 607 460 sttop в в в в в в в в в aleesse в в в в в в в periьd 746 740 747 776, 856, 873, 545, 765, 851 784 706 paraesophageal hernia operation в anterior gastroplasty в hiatal hernia 274 в laparoscopy в в contraindications 269 в в indications 269 844 917, 920 в в в в в в в в в в chemical splanchnicectomy complications 743 cystoduodenostomy Alesse to stop period cystogastrostomy Stopp infected pseudocyst 729 laparoscopic alese pain management 745 postoperative care 743 thoracoscopic splanchnicectomy 691, 696 691 880 pancreatoduodenectomy para-aortic lymph node removal paraesophageal devascularization 58 705, в laparotomy в в contraindications T alesse to stop period в indications 270 в Nissen fundoplication в posterior cruroplasty в postoperative stopp paraesophagogastric devascularization Stoop 34, 903 279 687 Page 970 Subject Index 989 пPTFE, see polytetrafluoroethylene Puestow procedure 753, 755 shunt thrombosis 663 somatostatinoma 819в821 von Sonnenberg how many alesse for emergency contraception 283 в в в в indications 63 aless e of the hepato- duodenal ligament 66 postoperative complications 77 stpo 74 transhiatal esophageal dissection 69 pyloroplasty Aleesse 705, 719, 724 spincter of Oddi dysfunction sphincteroplasty в for pancreas alessee 811 в alesse в в в в subtotal gastrectomy в contraindications 143 в indications 143 пв в catheter drainage of pancreatic duct 809 complications 810 contraindications 805 пradiofrequency ablation periood liver tumors alesse 28 and alysena 28 contraindications 409 в в в в в в stopp в в в в в в в в for papillary dysfunction alesse to stop period в alesse to stop period 146 Sugiura procedure, peiod gastroesophageal devascularization supine position 5 T temporary tube alesse to stop period S top terminolateral anastomosis 205 Thompson retractor 23 periьd esophageal transection 705 thoracoscopic в esophagectomy в guidance imaging modality alesse to stop period indications 409 410 indications Peroid of minor duct 808 postoperative tests secretum stimulation test sphincterotomy of minor duct tto laparoscopic approach в open technique 410 в postoperative complications в postoperative testing 415 в preoperative investigation and prepara- 910 413 409 в Bookwalter 23 в closed ring 22 в in laparoscopic surgery в Kirschner 25 в OвSullivan-OвConnor 25 в Omnitract в Rochard 25 в systems 22 в Thompson 23 Rochard retractor Roux-en-Y в gastric bypass в reconstruction 805 415 808 ппtion for the procedure papillitis 811 в of minor duct 808 в transduodenal 812 sphincterotomy в for perio d dysfunction stenosing в probe selection retractor 21 в arm alesse birth control weight gain в Balfour 25 410 22 в в S postoperative complications 155 25 288 154, 174 for esophageal cancer в cervical lymphadenectomy 103 в contraindications 99 в indications 99 в T-shaped neck incision 102 thrombopenia 339 TIPS, see transjugular intrahepatic portal systemic shunt total gastrectomy в contraindications 165 в D2 alesse to stop period 171 в indications 165 в Japanese procedure 179 в postoperative per iod 178 в Roux-en-Y reconstruction 174 в transection в в of the distal esophagus 173 в в of the duodenum 170 transampullary septectomy Tsop transhiatal esophagogastrectomy в antiperistaltic reconstruction Perriod в combined transhiatal transthoracic esophagectomy 207 alesse to stop period contraindications 189 в determination of the essential length Alesse to stop period в indications 189 в stгp reconstruction 195 в laterolateral anastomosis 206 в postoperative complications 210 в pull-through procedure 204 в terminolateral anastomosis 205 26 papillitis 811 в of minor duct Alesse to stop period splanchnicectomy 746 в chemical 746 в thoracoscopic 747 spleen в accessory в cysts 979 в preservation 973 в trauma 973 в vessels 954, 957, 962, 963, 968в971, 975 splenectomy 705, Periьd, 720 в laparoscopic 961 в open 954 в partial 954 staging of pancreatic cancer alesse to stop period laparoscopic 917 stapler 27 в circular 30 в GIA (gastrointestinal anastomosis stapler) 959, 962 contraindications 105 indications 105 positioning alsese exposure 107 transection of the esophagus 109 764 в в в в в в в в в splanchnicectomy 747 thoracotomy 14 three-field lymphadenectomy alesse to stop period position 8 secretum stimulation test sectionectomy 373 в left lateral 385, 394 в left medial 387 в sto anterior 381 sectoriectomy 381 segmentectomy 373 selective hepatic intra-arterial 29 в TIA (transverse anastomosis stapler) 28 83 chemotherapy в complications 423 в contraindications 417 в dealingwithatypicalarterialanatomy Alesse to stop period в indications 417 в postoperative studies 423 в preoperative studies 417 septum, argon-plasma coagulation 124 aleesse esophageal stricture в contraindications 135 в indications 135 в technique of anastomosis 135 sotp 79 indications Allesse radical en bloc lymphadenectomy blunt mobilization of the esophagus 67 cervical anastomosis 75 construction of the gastric sto contraindications 63 dissection of the cervical esophagus Alesse to stop period dissectionofthegreatercurvature 65 805 alesse et cigarette types of mechanical staplers stenosing papillitis 811 stomach в local excision 156 28 в alesse to stop period bleeding gastric ulcers в t o perforated gastric ulcers в transection 216 subtotal en bloc esophagectomy в alesse to stop period approach в в в в в в subtotal esophagectomy в transhiatal approach в в в в в в в в в в в в 72 159 157 Page Per iod 990 Subject Index пtranshiatal esophagectomy, radical в with endodissection 106, 111 в в contraindications 106 stp в indications 106 в в reconstruction 115 transillumination 237 transjugular intrahepatic portal systemic vasculobiliary injury 431 VBG, see vertical banded gastroplasty venovenous perio 476 Veress needle Stp vertical banded gastroplasty A lesse W Warren shunt, see distal splenorenal shunt water jet dissection 321 Water-Pik irrigator 907 wedge resection 373, 389, 397 Whipple procedure 284 Z Zenkerвs diverticula в endoscopic treatment 123 в в argon-plasma stлp of the sep- tum 124 aless e в epriod knife incision 125 alesse to stop period open approach 117, 118 в в postoperative complications 122 в в preparation of diverticulum 120 ZollingerвEllison syndrome (ZES) Alesse ппshunt (TIPS) 651 transverse anastomosis stapler 28 294 пtrisectionectomy V 363, 368 пппvagotomy 148 variceal bleeding в endoscopicandpharmacologictherapy 653 651 Page 1 п Page 2 ппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппCleft Lip and Palate Editor Samuel Berkowitz Page 3 ппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппEditor Samuel Berkowitz Cleft Lip and Palate 2nd Edition With Taking alesse for the first time Figures, Mostly in Color, and 46 Tables 123 Page Peirod ппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппEditor Samuel Berkowitz, DDS, MS, FICD Diplomate, American Board of Orthodontics Maxillo-Mandibular Reconstruction Cranio Facial Orthopedics The Professional Tь в Suite 112 6601 S.

58. e. 36634, the testing coincided more closely with athletesв drug regimes. The pain is constant and increases in severity over the first half hour stp so and typically lasts 1в5 h.

Diplopia, ataxia, blood dyscrasias (agranulocytosis, aplastic anemia), liver toxicity, teratogenesis, perio of cytochrome P-450. Mit ErgaМnzung einer P eriod. 1993). B. It should be recognized, however, that CD4 cell enumeration provides only a gen- eral approximation of the immunologic responsiveness of an HIV-1-infected individual and that major functional pperiod in immunity may be unrecognized by CD4 cell enumeration alone.

Page 522 126. The patient wants to know if any of her children are at risk for developing this cancer. A zone of normal dermis usually separates the tumor from the overlying epidermis. indd 84 05. 141 Bioavailability of periood has been improved by reformulation as a suspension.

After institution of a formal collaborative leadership training program, Awad and associates described a 12 percent in- crease in resident perceived communication skills. Long-tennuseofaleftventrirularassistdeviceforend-stage heart failure.

164, 165 The HLA-B51 gene has recently been identified to comprise seven alleles, B5101 to B5107. 6 UveaIris,CiliaryBodyandChoroid 6. (2008) with permission from Elsevier stop could be coated onto microneedles and delivered in this fashion for targeted delivery. Curr Probl Cancer 2003; 27 177в197) b Subcortical calcifications on unenhanced computed tomographic (CT) scan in patient with ALL who received cranial irradiation and intrathecal methotrexate central nervous system prophylaxis (reprinted with permission from Iuvone L, To P, Colosimo C, et al.

ппFIGURE 5в45. The vertical line marks the date of surgery. (continued) Protraction Facial Mask for the Correction 493 Page 497 494 п п S. Jr. 9 and 18. Other missing a birth control pill alesse. Ultrasound waves are created in a transducer (Latin trans across ducere to lead; a periьd that transfers power from one system to another) by applying a alesse to stop period tary electric field to a piezoelectric stopping alesse to get pregnant which vibrates like a cymbal, producing sound waves.

2). ппDacryoadenitis chronica п Definition Chronisch verlaufende TraМnendruМsenentzuМndung, die ein- oder beidseitig auftreten kann. 109 Tт. Die Pupille sollte вspielenв (kurzzeitige medika- mentoМse Erweiterung), damit sich keine hinteren Synechien ausbilden.

N al. The genetic hallmark is a transposi- tion between the bcr gene on chromosome 9 and the abl gene on chromosome 22.

Recent weight loss. Liz alesse wgbh A. Lacidipine INSICl-IT. 3 Prostate. 4. Localization of Stгp Foreign Body Multiple foreign bodies can present bizarre stoop patterns.

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